Feb 26, 2012

MILK for coffee

Hello, everyone. How are you?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.
Since last week, I have been having a minor cold.
Please be extra careful not to catch one yourself.
My topic today has nothing to do with my cold.
I will talk about my favorite stuff I have recently discovered at a shop.
I LOVE coffee. I mean, as a non-sophisticated taste bud owner such as myself, I love coffee with plenty of milk.
At the Starbucks, my order goes to a cup of latte without even take a glance of menu.
I usually make a cup of coffee with 4 portions of coffee creamer at home.
But recently I realized it's kind of expensive to always use portion creamer.
How I miss a big pack of " half and half" in the States!!
I was so excited to find a pack of milk called "コーヒーのためにつくったMILK( milk specially made for coffee)" by the Morinaga at a local super market near my place. Since it only cost around 180yen for 720ml, I decided to give it a try.
The result?
Well, It makes my coffee so creamy just like how the half and half works, only a bit lighter taste though.
I don't know since when this product was available, but I definitely keep buying it.
If you are from north America and haven't found any substitution for the half and half, I highly recommend this product!
Hope you have a great Sunday.
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