Apr 28, 2011

The people on Japanese currency ③Hideyo Noguchi

I am Meg at Yotsuya Business Garden.

I introduce a famous bacteriologist Hideyo Noguchi whose portrait is on one thousand yen bill. He isolated the spirochete that causes syphilis.


He was born in Fukushima prefecture where is a hottest place in Japan now.
When He was one year, he had a physical disability by an accidental burn on his left hand.
However, he overcame his physical handicap by being helped by his mother, teachers, and friends.

He is a very famous as a hero in Japan, because his life story has been published for children. When I was an elementary school student, I had read it and it impressed me.

After becoming an adult, I watched his life story on a TV show.
The one of the most impressive things is his mothers’ comments.

‘I provide for my son, even if I could not eat ’ 

It was her words at the accident.
She had a strong will to give education to her son despite her poverty.
I think she is also great!


Apr 27, 2011

Buffet Series in Japan ⑦-Shakey's

Hello, I'm Haru at Shinjuku Business Garden.

Today I’m going to tell you about a Pizza Restaurant – Shakey's

Shakey's is a very popular all-you-can-eat Pizza Restaurant chain in Japan.

You can eat as much as you want for 1,180yen.
It's a very reasonable price for all -you-can-eat.

Let me give you a few examples of the types of dishes you can enjoy there.
(16 regular type of Pizza, Seasonal Pizza, Monthly Pizza, Spaghetti, French fries ,
Beef curry, salad Bar) and so on.
Japanese Shakey's April Recommend Pizza is Pickled Plum Pizza.
Pickles Plum call " Umeboshi", it's a sour taste. Please try it, you might like it.

The Shakey's brings back some memories when I was high school student.
The taste have not changed since I was student.

Try Japanese Shakey's when you are in Japan!
The locate is near Shinjuku Business Garden, so please come visit us when
you go to the Shakey's. (Shinjuku Dori Branch)

Thank you very much for reading my blog.
See you next week!


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Apr 20, 2011

Buffet Series in Japan ⑥-Takano fruits Bar(Takano Fruit Parlour)

Hi, I'm Haru at Shinjuku Business Garden.
Do you like to eat fresh fruits? I love to eat fruits very much.
Today I’m going to tell you about a Fresh Fruits Bar buffet – Takano Fruits Bar.

Takano Fruits Bar is a popular all-you-can-eat (and all you-can-drink) restaurant in Shinjuku.
You can eat and drink as much as you want for 2,625 yen(include tax) for 90 minutes.

Let me give you a few examples of the types of dishes you can enjoy there. (Onion soup, Chiken with tomato sauce, Paella , vongole rosso, Salads, all sorts of fruits , all sorts of fruits, cakes and other desserts, ) and so on. The omelet is cooked in the presence (only 11:00 to 14:00).

Please try Takano Fruits Bar when you are in Shinjuku! After the meal, please come and visit us at Business Garden! We are looking forward to meeting you!

notice : Please note that the man can enter only in the female going.

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Apr 19, 2011

Interesting news from Japan⑦ "The Restarting of Tokyo Disneyland"

Hello, This is Takeuchi from the Shimbashi business garden.

It has already passed one month after the earthquake.
We are hearing happy news recently little by little.
In such a situation, this time's interesting news is about "The Restarting of Tokyo Disneyland".

Disneyland that had closed due to the earthquake restarted on the 15th of this month after an interval of one month.
Tokyo Disneyland is the most popular tourist destination that is not only many students visit for school excursion but also foreigners from all over the world are visiting.

Now, Opening time is shortened compared before.
The popular Electrical Parade does not take place.
And Disney Sea which is near from Disneyland is still closed.
A lot of people hope it to be restarted completely.

However, the staff members of Disneyland ware very much relieved by the restarting.
The persons who are working in travel agencies or hotels as well.

I also have a friend who is working there.
I asked him about it.
He just said "Don't worry, we are just preparing now."
But I've been wondering if it can be restarted really.

So, now I am very happy to hear that news!

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Apr 14, 2011

Please buy safe Vegetables from Fukushima!

Hello, This is Megumi from Yotsuya Business Garden.
Today I would like to introduce safe Fukushima vegetables’ web-site.

As you may know, some kinds of Fukushima vegetables have radioactive materials above legal limit.
However many other vegetables are within legal limit, but they are also rejected by the many vegetables ‘brokers.
It is pretty sad that many vegetables have been hit by harmful rumors.

The governor of Fukushima, Yuhei Sato announced on April 10 that the following vegetables are all safe; strawberry, tomatoes, cucumber, green chive, asparagus, snow peas.

I think it is one of things we can do now is to buy vegetables from Tohoku and north Kanto area.

Please check the websites as follows.
You can buy the safe vegetables from Fukushima here.

Satoyama Garden Farm

Ganbape Iwaki

Oyabaka tomato

I will order a pack of rice this weekend!


Apr 13, 2011

Buffet Series in Japan ⑤- Hina Sushi (Shinjuku Island Tower)

Please enjoy the night cherry blossoms photo.
They are so beautiful !
Though it was unrelated to the content of the blog.

Would you like to go to a fancy sushi restaurant sometimes ?
Today I'm going to tell you about a Fancy Sushi All-you-can-eat – Hina Sushi.

Hina Sushi is a fancy all-you-can-eat sushi (and all you-can-drink) restaurant chain in Japan.

In Hina Sushi restaurant, it can order more than 60 kinds of sushi.
Any Sushi is so delicious, and the fishes are also very fresh. I like the deep-water shrimp the best.

Hina Sushi's prepared an English menu, and there are some staffs who can speak English and Chinese.

Try Hina Sushi when you are in Shinjuku! Don't forget to also come and visit us at Business Garden!
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Apr 12, 2011

Interesting news from Japan⑥ "HANAMI"

Hello, this is Takeuchi from the Shibuya business garden.

Spring season is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan. Cherry blossoms are full-bloomed in various places around Tokyo now.

Shibuya business garden is at Sakura ga oka- cho( cherry blossoms' hill town) of Shibuya, Tokyo.
As this name express, very beautiful cherry blossoms bloom around our office and attract people passing by.

Spring is my favorite season in the year. When this season comes, I always go out to enjoy HANAMI. HANAMI is one of the Japanese cultures, we sit under the tree of cherry blossoms and enjoy chatting with our friends or family.

But in this year, it seems that people refrain from holding HANAMI (we call it "self-controlled") in various areas of Japan, because of the earthquake influences.

HANAMI at nighttime might be "self -controlled" certainly because of the electric power shortage in kanto region.
However, I feel very sad if everything is controlled even in this wonderful season that is only once a year.

Such a self-controlled mood seems to have the influence to economy as well.
Because HANAMI is self-controlled in various area, the number of tourists who visit HANAMI places is also decreasing. Furthermore, the sales of restaurants or hotels nearby famous HANAMI places are getting less compared to usual year.

Because of such a difficult time, without getting depressed in all respects, let's make our lives and our society happy with moderate self controlled manner.

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Apr 11, 2011

Japansese Accomodations vol.4 Sleeper Train

If you have a chance to travel in Japan, traveling by a sleeper express train may be fun.
I myself have never had a chance, but I imagine traveling by a sleeper train in the night would make be very excited.

The first sleeper train was run by Sanyou Rail Line in Kobe in the year 1900.
After the world war two, (1950) the volume of the traffic in Japan had remarkably increased, and the need for sleep
er trains also increased at the same time.

However, after 1975, rise in the fare, the begining of the bullet train service, airfare getting inexpensive, and substantial automotive highways contributed the declining of the number of the sleeper trains in Japan.

Nowadays in Jap
an, if you start early in the morining, it became possible to reach a distant destination within a day. Therefore we have less sleeper trains running in this country.

But, sleeper trains have not become extinct.

We have several sleeper trains, like one named Cassiopeia, which runs between Tokyo and Sapporo (Hokkai
do) the most northern region. In a high season, those are usually full and hard to make a reservation.

In a sleeper train, you will have access to a dinning car and a salon car where you can have meal or chill yourself out sitting on a sofa. Most trains have vending machine in the car. Some trains like Cassiopeia and Sunrize Izumo, have shower equipments too.

I feel like traveling by a sleeper train for just staying overnight there.
For me, traveling by a sleeper train seems enjoyable than by traveling a super fast bullet train.

After a long train ride and finally reached Tokyo?

Our group company Sakura Hotel Groups are ready for you to provide you with comfortable stay in Tokyo.

All located in central Tokyo, but very reasonably priced. There are dorm rooms for budget travelers too.


Apr 6, 2011

Buffet Series in Japan ④ - Saint Marc

Today I’m going to tell you about a Bakery buffet Restaurant – Saint Marc.

Saint Marc is a popular Bakery buffet Restaurant chain in Japan. You may have as many breads as you can eat, 100yen for charge, with an order of a any dishes.

Let me give you a few examples of the dishes. (Chicken with tomato sauce, Hamburg Steak, Fish with almond sauce, Beef Stew,etc...) Their freshly baked breads is so delicious. They have a lot of kind of breads.
I like the small croissant and the raisin bread are best.
When I took the friend in Hawaii to Saint Marc, she was very pleased.

Try Saint Marc when you are in Shinjuku ! Don't forget to also come and visit us at Business Garden! We are looking forward to meeting you!.

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A little extra: In Japan, a buffet or smorgasbord is known as a viking (バイキング - baikingu). It is said that this originated from the restaurant "Imperial Viking" in the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, which was the first restaurant in Japan to serve buffet-style meals. Dessert Vikings are very popular in Japan where one can eat from a buffet full of desserts.


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Apr 4, 2011

Japanese Accommodation vol.4 Youth Hostel


Actually, Youth Hostel is not Japanese original.

Youth Hostel and its network started in Gemany.
Their aim is to let people have safe and enjoyable trip by serving simple accomodations at reasonable prices.I have heard that German people LOVE to travel, so their passion for travel might create this worldwide hostel network.

Accoring tothe Japan Youth Hostels, Inc., there are 320 registered Youth Hostels in Japan and there are more than 4,000 all over the world. And in Japan, Youth Hostel rate for a night stay is approximately 3,200-yen.

Even very center of Tokyo, you can find a Youth Hostel.
Foe example, there is "Tokyo Central Youthg Hostel" located closed to Iidabashi station.
There is one in Yoyogi and the other in Koiwa in Tokyo.

I have not stayed at Youth Hostel in Tokyo, but

I have stayed at Youth Hostel in Tohoku (northern Japan) when I was a high school student.
A good friend of mine was a member of Youth Hostel Club of my high school, then she invited me to the club's Youth Hostel trip to Tohoku area in summer.

We got in a night-trainfrom Ueno and traveled all night to reach Iwate prefecture.
First we visited "Tono" where is famous for the story "the legend of Tono" written by kunio Yanagida. This book is considered one of the greatest studies of Japanese folkrore.

The fist hostel we stayed was small and comfy which I liked.
Youth Hostel we stayed next in Iwate was closed old elementary school building near the ocean.

It was so scary for me to go to the restroom in the night alone, because the empty school, long dark hallway. I ,at the age 16 at that time, believed that all kinds of GHOST stories!!!

In the daytime, we visited old Japanese house for seericulture (producing silk). The culture of Tohoku is simple and unaffected. I really love the way people talk in the Tohoku accent, too.

My trip to Iwate staying at Youth Hostel is still profoundly memorable to me.

Since the big earthquake hit the Tohoku region, the people are suffering and Tohoku has been severely damaged. I feel very sorry every time I saw the sufferers in Tohoku on TV.

The situatuion in Tohoku now is not very hopeful, but I pray for their restoration and I do want to visit Tohoku once more. We all Japanese are doing our best in what we can do at the moment, and we will never give up.

Please pray for Japan and come and visit.
Beautiful Sakura (cherry blossoms) are waiting...
And Stay at Sakura Hotel (our grop company) they are giving great deal (discount) now.

Sakura Hotels in Jimbocho, Hatagaya, Ikebukuro
Sakura Hostel in Asakusa