Apr 4, 2011

Japanese Accommodation vol.4 Youth Hostel


Actually, Youth Hostel is not Japanese original.

Youth Hostel and its network started in Gemany.
Their aim is to let people have safe and enjoyable trip by serving simple accomodations at reasonable prices.I have heard that German people LOVE to travel, so their passion for travel might create this worldwide hostel network.

Accoring tothe Japan Youth Hostels, Inc., there are 320 registered Youth Hostels in Japan and there are more than 4,000 all over the world. And in Japan, Youth Hostel rate for a night stay is approximately 3,200-yen.

Even very center of Tokyo, you can find a Youth Hostel.
Foe example, there is "Tokyo Central Youthg Hostel" located closed to Iidabashi station.
There is one in Yoyogi and the other in Koiwa in Tokyo.

I have not stayed at Youth Hostel in Tokyo, but

I have stayed at Youth Hostel in Tohoku (northern Japan) when I was a high school student.
A good friend of mine was a member of Youth Hostel Club of my high school, then she invited me to the club's Youth Hostel trip to Tohoku area in summer.

We got in a night-trainfrom Ueno and traveled all night to reach Iwate prefecture.
First we visited "Tono" where is famous for the story "the legend of Tono" written by kunio Yanagida. This book is considered one of the greatest studies of Japanese folkrore.

The fist hostel we stayed was small and comfy which I liked.
Youth Hostel we stayed next in Iwate was closed old elementary school building near the ocean.

It was so scary for me to go to the restroom in the night alone, because the empty school, long dark hallway. I ,at the age 16 at that time, believed that all kinds of GHOST stories!!!

In the daytime, we visited old Japanese house for seericulture (producing silk). The culture of Tohoku is simple and unaffected. I really love the way people talk in the Tohoku accent, too.

My trip to Iwate staying at Youth Hostel is still profoundly memorable to me.

Since the big earthquake hit the Tohoku region, the people are suffering and Tohoku has been severely damaged. I feel very sorry every time I saw the sufferers in Tohoku on TV.

The situatuion in Tohoku now is not very hopeful, but I pray for their restoration and I do want to visit Tohoku once more. We all Japanese are doing our best in what we can do at the moment, and we will never give up.

Please pray for Japan and come and visit.
Beautiful Sakura (cherry blossoms) are waiting...
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