Apr 14, 2011

Please buy safe Vegetables from Fukushima!

Hello, This is Megumi from Yotsuya Business Garden.
Today I would like to introduce safe Fukushima vegetables’ web-site.

As you may know, some kinds of Fukushima vegetables have radioactive materials above legal limit.
However many other vegetables are within legal limit, but they are also rejected by the many vegetables ‘brokers.
It is pretty sad that many vegetables have been hit by harmful rumors.

The governor of Fukushima, Yuhei Sato announced on April 10 that the following vegetables are all safe; strawberry, tomatoes, cucumber, green chive, asparagus, snow peas.

I think it is one of things we can do now is to buy vegetables from Tohoku and north Kanto area.

Please check the websites as follows.
You can buy the safe vegetables from Fukushima here.

Satoyama Garden Farm

Ganbape Iwaki

Oyabaka tomato

I will order a pack of rice this weekend!


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