Apr 11, 2011

Japansese Accomodations vol.4 Sleeper Train

If you have a chance to travel in Japan, traveling by a sleeper express train may be fun.
I myself have never had a chance, but I imagine traveling by a sleeper train in the night would make be very excited.

The first sleeper train was run by Sanyou Rail Line in Kobe in the year 1900.
After the world war two, (1950) the volume of the traffic in Japan had remarkably increased, and the need for sleep
er trains also increased at the same time.

However, after 1975, rise in the fare, the begining of the bullet train service, airfare getting inexpensive, and substantial automotive highways contributed the declining of the number of the sleeper trains in Japan.

Nowadays in Jap
an, if you start early in the morining, it became possible to reach a distant destination within a day. Therefore we have less sleeper trains running in this country.

But, sleeper trains have not become extinct.

We have several sleeper trains, like one named Cassiopeia, which runs between Tokyo and Sapporo (Hokkai
do) the most northern region. In a high season, those are usually full and hard to make a reservation.

In a sleeper train, you will have access to a dinning car and a salon car where you can have meal or chill yourself out sitting on a sofa. Most trains have vending machine in the car. Some trains like Cassiopeia and Sunrize Izumo, have shower equipments too.

I feel like traveling by a sleeper train for just staying overnight there.
For me, traveling by a sleeper train seems enjoyable than by traveling a super fast bullet train.

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