Apr 6, 2011

Buffet Series in Japan ④ - Saint Marc

Today I’m going to tell you about a Bakery buffet Restaurant – Saint Marc.

Saint Marc is a popular Bakery buffet Restaurant chain in Japan. You may have as many breads as you can eat, 100yen for charge, with an order of a any dishes.

Let me give you a few examples of the dishes. (Chicken with tomato sauce, Hamburg Steak, Fish with almond sauce, Beef Stew,etc...) Their freshly baked breads is so delicious. They have a lot of kind of breads.
I like the small croissant and the raisin bread are best.
When I took the friend in Hawaii to Saint Marc, she was very pleased.

Try Saint Marc when you are in Shinjuku ! Don't forget to also come and visit us at Business Garden! We are looking forward to meeting you!.

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A little extra: In Japan, a buffet or smorgasbord is known as a viking (バイキング - baikingu). It is said that this originated from the restaurant "Imperial Viking" in the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, which was the first restaurant in Japan to serve buffet-style meals. Dessert Vikings are very popular in Japan where one can eat from a buffet full of desserts.


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