Apr 24, 2019


Hello, everyone. How's it going?
This is Yotsuya Business Garden.

It's warm today, but still sometimes chilly. 
That brings us bad shape.

I had a gastroenteritis virus the other day😷
It was really awful...😭
I had it once long time ago and I thought that I don't want to get it again, but...I got.
Do you often do exercise? I hadn't been doing anything for a while,
but I decided to do just a little one,for my health. 
I'm thinking it's better to increase my resistance, I mean I don't have enough immune system😅
Then I decided not to take the escalators and use the stairs instead.
It's quite tough and I got a muscle pain the next day though😅 
I'm going to keep using it🙋
What I'm interesting is that there's some mention like cheering up on the stairs,
like "Go for it!", "10 more steps!" etc...
That encourages me to get to the top😁💚  
I wish I had some pics, but I had no time to take it in the morning as you know💦
Anyway, it's good for our health to do exercise even just a little when you have time, and 
it's important to keep doing stuffs!!!
I don't know how I can keep this exercise though😶 

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