Feb 20, 2012

Climbing a mountain

This is Tomoko @Shimbashi Business Garden

Hello. How's your weekend?

I watched a variety show,"Sekai no hatemade ItteQ" on TV last night.

The TV show featured climbing Mt.Aconcagua that is the highest mountain in South America at 6,962m.
I was very impressed with magnificent mountain scenery and those who challenges the limits of their ability.

What about the highest mountain in Japan?
As you know,Mt. Fuji is Japan's highest peak with an altitude of 3,776m,which is a symbol for Japan.

I took this photo at Asagiri Kogen,Fujinomiya City,Shizuoka.

I tried to climb Mt.Fuji two years ago,but I couldn't reach the summit due to bad weather.
I think I'd like to try again this summer!!

We can see Mt.Fuji from Kanto area on a fine day.
Did you ever see it?


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