Feb 21, 2012

Anti aging

Hello, everyone. How are you?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.
Last week, one of our customers gave me a pack of powdered collagen, called Pure Collagen Gold, saying he is in charge of advertising the stuff.
I was sooo happy to have such a kind gesture from him, but later realized I could be falling on the league of anti-aging....... I never realized I came so far, but you know time is flying.
They say collagen keeps our skin young and healthy and it is responsible for our general health.
And your ability to produce collagen reaches to the top at 20 and after that it keeps going down... which means I have been on my downhill for a bit long time. Kind of scary.
Thank god, I got a package of collagen!!
This is how the package looks, kind gorgeous, isn't it?
You can dissolve about a table spoon of powder into your daily coffee a couple of time a day.
It doesn't require a lot of effort to keep taking.
I will see how it works:)
Hope you have a good week.
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