Feb 28, 2012

milk foarmer

Hello, everyone! How are you?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.
Today, I will talk about nothing big or special.
But still I can't help but brag about my small discovery.
Last Sunday, I just dropped by a 100yen shop near my place to get something.
And found a milk foamer for cafe latte for mere 100yen.
I love coffee with a lot of milk and if milk is foarmed, I like it better.
I picked one of them without second thought.
But who believe a 100 yen milk foamer machine works well?
I certainly didn't, but bought one anyway just for satisfying my curiosity.
Guess what!?
The machine turned out to be great!!!
It works pretty nicely and foams milk super quickly.
I fell in love with my 100yen milk foamer.
If you find a milk foamer at a 100yen shop, please give it a try.
I bet your coffee time would be more pleasant:)
Hope you have a great week.
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  1. Cool milk frother. I was looking for a milk frother couple of days ago and I saw one from which is very hygienic and easy to use.