Feb 27, 2012

634 meters

Hello,this is Tomoko at Shimbashi Business Garden.

How's your weekend?

I wrote about highest mountain in Japan last week.
What the tallest structure do you think of when you think of Japan ?
Tokyo tower? Roppongi Hills? Ikebukuro Sunshine?

The answer is the TOKYO SKY TREE which reached its full height of 634 meters,located in Sumida ward,Tokyo.
It will be one of the world's tallest towers.

According to the official website,Tokyo Sky Tree will open on May 22,2012.
Last week, it was announced that online advance reservation of "Tokyo Skytree Web Ticket" starts from March 22.
To enter the Sky Tree,we have to make advance reservation from May 22 to July 10.
I think it must be very difficult to get the ticket.
If you are lucky enough to get the ticket, please give us impressions of view from the tallest tower.

I also found it difficult to take a picture from the ground.
I took this last year,but it's too high to catch all of them.


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