Feb 25, 2012


Hi, this is hitomi @ Shinjuku Business Garden.

Have you ever been to !!!CUPNOODLES MUSEUM?

I visited to !!!CUPNOODLES MUSEUM with my cousin and her daughter on 22nd of Feb.
That was so fun and very interested in kind of art and technology!

This museum's highlit is "My CUPNOODLES Factory"!!
You can make up your completely original CUPNOODLES package.
You also design a cup and select your favorite soup from 4 varieties and
4 toppings from 12 ingredients.

Of course I made it!

I promise you enjoy making your original Cupnoodles!

Shinjuku Business Garden-

K-1bldg 3F,7-2-6 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,
TEL 03-6890-1111 FAX 03-6890-1151 (Outside of Japan:+81-3-6890-1111)

-Office Hour-
Saturdays-9:00~14:00(Sunday and Holidays:Closed)

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