Oct 4, 2011

Cute Japanese Characters vol.10 Cue-ta

Pipo kun is the Metropolitan Police Department's character which I introduced in my last post, and "Cue-ta" is another hero for the citizen.

He is the character of the Tokyo Fire Department.

The red suit he's in symbolizes courageousness, and his cap is blue which shows water foe extinct the fire.

The number 119 on his chests is the emergency phone number in Japan (fire and ambulance)

His yellow antennas will flash in case of an emergency.

His thumb up pose is telling that you can rely on him in case of an emergency.

The Fire Rescue Task Forces as known as the Hyper rescue Squad belongs to the Tokyo Fire Department. They are now very famous for their splendid works for the 3.11 earthquake in the northern Japan.

They rushed to the Fukushima nuclear plant for spraying water into the power plant to lessen and prevent the nuclear radiation leakage. They really did that for dear their lives!


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