Oct 18, 2011

Interesting Japanese custom Vol. 21 "The Custom of Drinking Liquor at Work."

Hi, this is Takeuchi from the Shimbashi business garden.

There are many opportunities to drink alcoholic beverages in Japan.
When we go to welcome parties or farewell parties, we generally have alcoholic drinks.
Also, in some jobs, drinking alcohol with customer is part of thier work.

I am working in Shimbashi, which is known in Tokyo as "businessman's town."
So, I often see workers drinking alcoholic beverages after their working hours.
In most cases, going for a drink with the coworkers relieves the stress from work.

If you work together with Japanese, the opportunity to drink alcohol will most probably increase.
Take this as an opportunity to build strong relationship with your coworkers, for this, to the Japanese, is the kind of communication for doing work smoothly.


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