Oct 28, 2011


Hello this is masa at Shibuya Business Garden.

'Zazen' is widely practised in Japan, not only by 'zen' believers,
but also by ordinary people as a form of spiritual training.
It is well worth trying if you have the chance.

'Zen' temples hold regular 'zazen' sessions.
These are usually open to everybody, 
and foreign tourists or residents are welcome.

The most important thing in 'zazen' is to breath in plenty of good fresh air
and thereby induce a state of deep meditation.

The easiest method of breathing is the 'shoshuten' method described below.

1. With the eyes half-closed ('hangan') draw in the breath and feel it moving 
   from the base of the spine up the backbone and over the top of the head,
   coming to rest at the point midway between the eyes (miken).

2. Hold the breath and imagine a powerful source of light and warmth,
   like the sun, radiating from the 'miken'.

3. Release the breath and feel it flowing down over the center of the face,
   throat and chest to the abdomen ('tanden') about an inch below the navel.

4. Repeat.


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