Oct 5, 2011

Rose Autumn Festival at Jindai Botanical Garden -The Festival and Event in Japan -

Hi, I'm Haru at Shinjuku Business Garden.
October has come,and the weather has suddenly become cooler, looking more like autumn.
Today,I'd like to talk about " Rose Autumn Festival "at Jindai Botanical Garden.

In the Jindai Botanical Garden opened celebrate the 50th anniversary this fall,
"The Rose Autumn Festival" will be held.
It's welcome 10 years Aniversary, why don't you enjoy a beautiful and fragrant roses
at the festival?

Date: Oct.8(Sat) to Oct.23 (Sun) 9:30~17:00 ※rain or shine
Time: 9:30~17:00 (Weekday), 8:00~19:00 (Sat,Sun and Holiday)
Enter fee: 250 yen (Oct.20, enter fee will be free!)
Place: Jindai Botanical Park

Roses Light Up and Opening mornig time.※rain or shine
Date: Oct.8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 22, 23.
Time: 8:00~19:00 (Lighting up from sunset)
Place: Rose garden

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