Oct 27, 2011

Restaurants near Yotsuya Busienss Garden ①Japanese style restaurant 'Azusa'

This is Meg at Yotsuya Business Garden.

Today, I recommend a nice restaurant for lunch near Yotsuya Business Garden,
as our customers requested us.

I like to eat any foods except very hot foods.
Especially, I love Japanese food most.

I highly recommend Japanese style restaurant ‘Azusa’ behind Mitsui Garden Hotel.
‘Azusa’ is high class and little expensive restaurant for dinner;
they serve high-class fish dishes at night time,
however at lunch time they have reasonable set menu,‘Wappa meshi’ for 1000 yen.

‘Wappa meshi’ is one of Japanese dishes
cooked in special round containers (called wappa) made of thin wooden sheets.
It is rice topped with some vegetables or fishes or meats.

This restaurant served fresh fishes and vegetables.
You can choice scallops, oysters, sea urchin and congers.

Their lunch set has ‘Wappa meshi’, sashimi (slices of raw fish), s
mall dishes for d stewed foods or something, Japanese Miso soup, and Japanese style pickles.

Sashimi is very fresh and so tasty.
Please try it!

More details are here.


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8-37 Sanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,
160-0008 Japan
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