Oct 14, 2011


Hello this is masa at Shibuya Business Garden.

In Japan, Some restaurants serve a variety of food;
Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, etc., but most specialize in a particular kind.
You will get special service if you become a regular customer (' joren ') 
at a particular restaurant.

If you are in hurry, you can eat standing up at one of the many 
' tachigui ' (literally, "standing -eating ") restaurants to be found
in and around stations. These places serve cheap dishes such as
' soba ' and ' udon ' (Japanese noodles), or ' ramen ' (Chinese noodles).

If you cannot read the menu and don't know how to order,
either take the waitress outside and point to one of the plastic food
models, or simply order what someone else is eating.


Shibuya Business Garden
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