Sep 30, 2011


Hello this is masa at Shibuya Business Garden.

Many Japanese restaurants offer low-priced set meals('teishoku')
at lunchtime, which is usually from noon to 1 p.m. for office workers;
and the more popular places soon fill up with people taking advantage of this.

A Japanese set meal consists of a main dish such as grilled fish,
a bowl of rice, a bowl of 'miso soup', and a small dish of pickles.

Some cheap restaurants called 'teishoiuya' sell these items separately,
so you can make up your own combination.
Sometimes you serve yourself,
and sometimes youbuy tickets and give them to the waitress 
when she takes your order.
These restaurants are popular among students.

Some restaurants serve a variety of food;
Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, etc., but most specialize in
a particular kind. You will get special service if you become a
regular customer ('joren') at a particular restaurant.


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