Sep 29, 2011

Cool Japan ⑥Shower toilet!

This is Meg at YotsuyaBusinessGarden.
Today’s theme is shower toilet!

It is essential thing for us Japanese, it is unknown by the overseas people.
When I explained it to Italian college girl at New York 2 years ago,
she could not understand merits of this product.
I think she could understand if she used it.

In Japan shower toilet has been in widespread use. 
On the other hand, in other countries it has not used because of lack of sockets in bathroom.
In Japan, the adoption rate is nearly 70%.

The first developer of shower toilet, TOTO made huge efforts to develop it.
It is one of Cool Japan, because seeking comfort, and paying attention to details.
However we have a problem that shower toilet has so many buttons, we can't memorize them.
For example, one model of TOTO has 38 buttons.

Now, shower toilet is very popular in rich people in China, and movie stars in US.
I would like to tell shower toilet to the acquaintance who have lived in the other countries!


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