Sep 17, 2011

Cool Japan ⑤ UNIQLO

Hello, this is Meg in Yotsuya Business Garden.
Today’s subject is UNIQLO; it is the global clothing retailer.
I love to wear UNIQLO fleecy sweater in winter to save heating cost.

This year UNIQLO business is not so strong,
Domestic sales register year-on-year losses for the first time in 8 years,
However they have a powerful new store development strategy.

In September16 2011, UNIQLO shop reopened in Tobu department store.
500 people lined up in front of the store!It became a biggest store in Tokyo.

Furthermore at New York, UNIQLO will open two largest flagship shops in October.
One is "UNIQLO New York Fifth Avenue," on Friday, October 14th, and  "UNIQLO New York 34th Street," on Friday, October 21.

When UNIQLO shop opened in Paris in 2009, French columnist Mr. Regis Arnaud is introduced it as "UNIQLO shock".
He gave the highest praise to UNIQL as an only global living ware bland except Western companies.

Now, How would they succeed in New York shops?
I think UNIQLO will be successful because their price and quality are very good!


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