Sep 23, 2011


Hello this is masa from Shibuya Business Garden.

Japan is full of drinking places ( 'nomiya' ).
Alll kinds of alcohol are available, but the most popular are 'sake',
'shochu' (a spirit distilled from grain, sweet potatoes, etc.), beer and whisky.

The average company worker goes drinking at economically-priced beer halls,
'izakaya'. The Japanese like to take their dinner as a succession of snacks while
drinking, often ending up with a rice dish such as 'ochazuke' (a kind of rice soup).

The Japanese like to drink in groups.
It is bad form to start drinking as soon as your glass is filled.
When everyone is ready, everybody shouts 'kanpai' ("bottoms up")
and starts swinging.

That will help cement relationships and make them
feel you are more like "one of them".


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