Sep 2, 2011


Tofu is healthy food made from soybeans, which have been dubbed 
'meat in vegetable form' because of their high protein content.

The simplest way of eating tofu is in the form of  'hiyayakko'.
This dish also allows you to appreciate the true taste of tofu.
To prepare it, chill a block of tofu and prepare some 
'yakumi' (condiments) such as grated ginger ( 'oroshi shoga')
and  chopped chives ('asatsuki').

A RECIPE FOR ' AGEDASHI-DOFU ' (fried 'tofu')

1.  Cut a block of  'tofu' in two and cover it in a thick layer of flour.

2.  Fly it in oil at 160-170℃ until it turns golden brown.

3. Usually eaten in katsuo-bushi soup.

Please try it!


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