Mar 20, 2012

Ultraviolet Rays

Hello, everyone.
How are you?
Today is a holiday. Yay!!
Lately it's getting warmer and sunshine definitely started to change from that of winter's.
It is so exciting to welcome spring but warmer temperature unavoidably accompany stronger sunshine.
Most Japanese women are so keen to keep their skin as pale as possible.
It is opposite to the mainstream attitude of western women. I was surprised to know many girls put dark colored powder to make them look as if they are freshly sun tanned.

I had never bothered to protect my skin from Ultraviolet Rays till last year,
but I changed my mind when I realized my face got a lot of freckles compared to my teen' s days.
And they say Ultraviolet Rays cause your skin premature aging and skin cancer.
When I was a kid, grown ups told us sunshine makes us healthy and strong though....
I don't like the particular texture of most sunscreen which is oily and heavy.
But I found there are many sunscreens which is oil free and chemical free.
If you are in Japan now and haven't gotten a sunscreen yet, you should make a trip to a drag store where you would find wide selections. I bet you could find your favorite.
Hope you have a great holiday!
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