Mar 7, 2012

How to save your money!

Hello, everyone.
This is Maiko Yamada from the Shimbashi Business Garden.

Do you save your money deliberately?

As of an article, it seems that there are some hints!

#1 Accumulate funds

People tend to use one's money when they fund it in a ordinary account, that's why it's better to accumulate in a fixed deposit account.

#2 Keep a record of one's expenses

If you keep a record what you have got, you can see waste points.

#3 Recheck your housing expenditure, insurance, and so on

If you pay 10,000yen per month for insurance, it might be better to choose other insurance company like Todofu Kenmin Kyosai. You can pay around 2,000yen per month if you utilize it.

#4 Rethink about your rewards
Women tend to cost money for nail salon, beauty shop, leisure and so on.
You can have another look at it, you'll have save money.

#5 Have another accumulate funds

Sometimes, you will be invited ceremonial functions and you'll have extraordinary disbursement.
Just for safety sake, it recommend you to open another fixed deposit account.

What do you think?
That's natural, however, it is difficult sometimes...
I need to rethink of it!

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