Mar 25, 2012

SAKURA is about to bloom!

Hello, everyone!
How are you doing today?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.

Today on my way to the station, I noticed the tip of twigs of Cherry Blossom are getting somehow whitish colored.
This realization made my heart dance!
You know what is coming? Yes! SAKURA( cherry blossom) is about to bloom.
Sakura is definitely the most beloved flower in Japan.
Once Sakura is in bloom, parks in all over the country are packed with people.
We love to have picnic or party under the sakura.
Since people love sakura so much, TV news and news papers announce Sakura bloom forecast just like weather forecast in daily base.
This year they say Sakura will start blooming on March 31st.
Just one week ahead!
SOOOOO exciting!!
Hope you have a nice Sunday.
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