Mar 6, 2012

new habit after the great earthquake

Hello, everyone. How are you?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.
Almost one year has past since the Tōhoku earthquake hit north east Japan.
Great number of irreplaceable lives were lost and still a lot of people are suffering in the affected area.
Today however, I will talk about my newly developed habit after the earthquake.
If you experienced the earthquake, I'm sure you remember as well about paper shortage.
I don't know how it ever happened but tissue and toilet paper were gone from all shops all over Japan.
Many people did mad purchase of those stuff out of fear.
As I have terrible nasal inflammation all the time, tissue is MUST item for me.(You can at least find 10 packages of pocket tissue in my bag.)
I was super nervous about my running-out tissue stock.
Miracley, tissue and toilet paper started to show up at shops before I had run out of stock though.
I know this is very silly of me, but I can't feel comfortable unless my storage is full of tissue.
But they say we should stock emergency provisions which can feed yourself at least for 3 days.
So my emergency tissue collection should be justified as I can't survive without tissue;)
Hope you have a smooth week!
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