Mar 12, 2012

Red Brick Street,Shimbashi

Hello,this is Tomoko at Shimbashi Business Garden.

How's your weekend?

Today,I'd like to talk about the street near our office.
That is Aka Renga Dori. (Red Brick Street)

When I walked along Aka renga dori every day,I always wondered why people call this street Aka renga dori (Red brick street).
The street, of course, is paved in red color brick,but this is not responsible for its name.

Can you guess it?

From the Edo era to the Meiji era, there're lots of fires around this area.
It because most houses were built of wood.
Then,the Meiji government decided to build houses with stones and bricks to prevent fires.
That's why people call it this street Aka renga dori.

When you come to Shimbashi Business Garden, how about walking along Aka renga dori?

See you next week.


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