Mar 10, 2012


Hello, how are you?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.

How do you commute to and from work?
I guess if you live in country side, you might use your company's car or your private car, but if you live in urban area, you are bound to commute by train, subway or bus.
I commute using the Tokyu-line which is very convenient to get to Shibuya from Kanagawa prefecture with a train arrives at your station almost every 2 minutes if you don't mind using local train.
It is always so cramped during rush hour. When I was on my way to work last week, the Tokyu-line suffer minor trouble with electric generator, and only served local train service.
You know what would happen in that situation?

Well, all the people who usually take rapid make mad dash to local trains and local train become an instant battle field. So many people! So incredibly cramped!!
I couldn't even move my left arm and still I fought to keep my grip on my bag.
When I reached the Shibuya station finally, I felt exhausted.
And at my lunch break, I found my banana completely smashed.

Oh, well, this is the way my life goes sometimes.
But still you can't resist life in Tokyo!!

Hope you have a great Sunday.

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