Jan 2, 2012

World Natural Heritage(4):Shirakami-Sanchi

A Happy New Year! 2012 has just started!
What is your resolution for 2012?

I had introduced three World Natural Heritage sites, Ogasawara Islands,
Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage and Shiretoko.
Today, I would like to introduce you the one in Aomori prefecture.
The name of the Place is "Shirakami-Sanchi".

"Shirakami-Sanchi" is a enormous mountain covering southwestern part of Aomori
Prefecture and northwestern part of Akita Prefecture.
"Shirakami-Sanchi" is one of the world's largest virgin beech forests extending
along the Japan Sea sides of Aomori and Akita prefectures. it is a home of many
rare animals and plants.


********World Heritage Series**********
①World Natural Heritage(1): Ogasawara Islands

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