Jan 11, 2012

Etymology of Yoga

Hello, this is Maiko at Yotsuya Business Garden.
I have started working here from Jan 4th.

Today, I will talk about Yoga which is one of my hobbies.

The name of Yoga is derived from "Yuji" which comes from the Sanskrit.
"Yuji" is a meaning which ties horse's neck with yoke.
"Yoke" is like a stick which connects with horse and carriage.
Using this yoke, people control horses and handled a good command of horse carriage.
If people let horse alone, it will be violent condition, people try to control it by reason.
The tool which connects with these two relationship is Yoke, that is to say, "Yoga".

We have various feelings every day. We feel difficult to control our feelings by ourselves.
Have you noticed that our feelings have been thrown into confusion by ourselves?
It's all up to you, be in good or bad condition.

If we can control various feelings by ourselves, we can be positive feeling any time. So to speak, Yoga is a training of your mind!

As for me, I haven't mastered Yoga mind yet. It's necessary to keep training, training, and training...

Why don't you try Yoga to find yourself?


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