Jan 24, 2012

Eye drops

Hello, everyone. How are you?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.
You know, what is the biggest annoyance of this season for me is the DRY EYE.
In addition to the winter dry air, using heating system really boost up the torture level for especially those who use soft contact lenses.
The Savior for this problem is EYE DROPS.
We have wide variety of eye drops depending on your needs.
Moisturizer, itchy and red eye solution, fatigued eye remedy , allergic solution, problem solution such as for sty and so on.
Most type of eye drop offer a couple of menthol levels from mild to super spicy.
Personally I LOVE the most spicy type when it comes to eye drops.
It is just like a glass of cold beer to your super thirsty throat
When I lived in the States, I always bought bunch of eye drops whenever I came back home, as I couldn't find any spicy eye drops over there.
And whenever I let someone try my Japanese eye drops, people screamed of the sharp touch for the first time,
but became big fan of strong menthol eye drops eventually.
If you have never tried Japaneses strong eye drops, Just give it a try and I am sure you would love them!
Hope you will have a great week.
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  3. Thank you for your comment. Eye warmer. I have even never known the existence of the tool. How cool!!

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