Jan 26, 2012

For iPhone beginner ③Search transfer stations and train timetables

Hello, This is Meg at Yotsuya BusinessGarden.

Today’s theme is one of essential applications to search transfer stations and train timetables.
Main appli for iPhone are ‘Eki supatp’ and ‘Norikaeannai’.

I tried both; as a result I chose ‘Eki supatp’.
I have two reasons; the first reason is that it is more convenient for me to check the earlier train or the later train from the search result train.

I usually take a bus and a train, but sometimes bus is delay, so I can’t get the train I had planned.

The second reason is for being able to select three types of walking speed, slow, normal, high speed.
When I am going to be late, I always walk with rapid strides.
It is very useful for me to select a walking speed.
I always be choosing high walk speed.

Inconvenient thing of both is not able to keep the search result.
We can save the route in ‘my course’ pages from the station to get on a train to the station to get off,but we cannot save the time of the search result.

If anybody knows how to keep the search result, please let me know!


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