Jan 30, 2012

Shizuoka Oden

Hello,this is Tomoko @Shinjuku Business Garden.

How's your weekend?
I went to Shizuoka prefecture and ate Shizuoka-Oden for the first time.

Have you ever ate Oden?
Oden is a Japanese winter dish made with several ingredients such as eggs,konnyaku,daikon,fish cakes stewed in a dashi.
Since Oden has a regional variety,in Shizuoka, people makes Oden using a dark colored broth flavored with beef stock and soy sause. 
Before eating Oden,they sprinkles aonori powder and ground fish powder on it.

Do you know Kuro-hanpen?
Kuro-hanpen is a kind of fish cakes. It's also stewed in Oden. We can eat it only in Shizuoka. Kuro means black .Please look at this picture.This is Kuro-hanpen.
If you have a chance to visit Shuzuoka,how about trying Shizuoka-Oden?


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