Jun 2, 2011

Tokyo New Trend ① ‘Shibuya109’

Hello, I am Meg at Yotsuya Business Garden!

I will start a new theme about Tokyo New Trend, I would like to introduce you to energetic Tokyo fashion, people, new shopping spots, and so on.

Today’s subject is ‘Shibuya 109’,
The Shibuya 109 is a famous fashion shopping centre in the very fashionable Shibuya region of Tokyo.
It is very popular among young girls, however I have never bought anything when I was young.

Shibuya 109 is also famous as a meeting spot.

By the way, the building is owned by Tokyu and this is where the building derives its name from as 109 in Japanese is pronounced "to kyu", thus "Shibuya Tokyu".

Tokyu have operations in 6 shopping centers named 109, for example, ‘SHIZUOKA 109’,
‘109 MACHIDA’.

I was really surprised to hear that new 109 opened at Abeno in Osaka prefecture last month and this name is ‘Shibuya109 Abeno’
Abeno is not Tokyo Shibuya, but it is named ‘Shibuya109 Abeno’

I think that ‘Shibuya’ is one of fashion blands!
Shibuya has regained vitality at all day and night already!

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