Jun 23, 2011

Tokyo New Trend ④ ‘Colony Life ☆ Plus’ Product exhibition


This is Meg at Yotsuya Business Garden.

The rainy season has started in Japan.

It is so muggy!

I want the rainy season will be the end early.

Today’s subject is that one of the popular mobile game,

‘Colony Life Plus’ hold a product exhibition.

I have never tried the mobile games,

so I did not recognize that this event was great value.

It held at the Tokyu Kichi-jyoji Department store.

The event was highly successful; it had a long line,

more than 300 people from the mid night before the beginning day.

The rule of this game is to get the special souvenir in each place,

However in this event, about 30 stores got together in the same place.

It was a really valuable event for game funs.

One of Japanese sweets store in Toyama prefecture, ‘In

kokogetsu-do’ is very popular,

especially ‘the Japanese cake set including the collaborated item bear,

which is a main character of ‘Colony Life Plus’.

I did not go to this event, but I found my favorites ,

for example Japanese food , karasumi, sea urchin,

and chicken liver patties in their website.

I would like to go to this event next year.


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