Jun 20, 2011

Japan Expo in France

Japanese subculture such as "Anime" and "Manga" are now worldwide movement.

From June 30th till July 3rd, in Paris France, there will be the largest exhibition of Japanese culture and entertainment in Europe, called "Japan Expo".

Japan Expo

That was started by some French youngsters loving Japanese subculture 10 years ago, and it has been the largest exhibition of Japanese pop culture since 1997.

More than 160,000 people visit there each year!!!

They introduce various Japanese culture like J-pop music, Cosplay, Budo (Japanese martial arts), and TV Games. Also you can try Japanese food such as Sushi, Tako yaki and ramen.

I'm impressed to know how people in France have interests in Japan and Japanese culture!

Staff of our group company will visit there this year and they'll leave leaflets of Business Garden there for us. We hope to receive inquiries from France.


Shibuya Business Garden

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