Jun 15, 2011

School Sports Day in Japan

Hello, how are you doing? I'm Haru at Shinjuku Business Garden.
It's cloudy day Shinjuku today.
I'd like to write about School Sports Day in Japan.

There is a school event called Sports Day in Japan.
It is held at all schools from kindergarten to high school, and all students are obliged to take part.
There are various events, including a sprint race, a relay race, a three-legged race, team work gymnastics,
ball games, a mock cavalry battle, and a tug of war, and each student participates in some of these events.
It once used to be held in the fall, but these days many schools hold sports days in May or June,
soon after the new term begins, because it promotes friendship among new school and classmates.

On the day, students' family members sit around the school ground and whenever their children appear
in events parents start taking pictures or videos of them.

The following picture is at my daughter's high school's sport day.
They are cheering group for yellow team.

There are a lot of schools where the event controlled voluntarily is held according to schedule after the earthquake.

They are enjoying the sports day with big smile.

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