Jun 16, 2011

Tokyo New Trend ③ ‘Tokyo Sky Tree’

I am Meg from Yotsuya Business Garden.
Today’s theme is Tokyo Sky Tree.

Recently, it was announced that Tokyo Sky Tree would start on May 22nd 2012 and the entrance fee of Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck was¥3,000.
Many people are looking forward to going to go up to this tower, but I think it is expensive.

According to the questionnaire result of Nikkan Sports,
78 percent of people felt that it was expensive, however ,
68 percent of those answered that they would like to go up to the observation deck.

In my case, I would not like to go in 2012, I will go there in 2013 after it will not be crowded.

In Japan there are some commercial films of Tokyo Sky Tree, for example, the canned coffee BOSS, energy drink with Vitamin, Oronamin C, etc.

Tokyo Sky Tree is one of symbols of Japan's recovery from the disaster .
It is like Tokyo tower is a symbol of Japan's recovery from the World War II.

I pray our hope will enlarge in 2013!

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