Jun 14, 2011

Interesting Japanese custom④"Pachinko is popular in Japan"

Hello, this is Takeuchi from the Shimbashi business garden.

"Pachinko" is a kind of pinball machine.
It is one of the surprises for a foreigner who visits Japan for the first time.
You can find pachinko parlor wherever you go all over Japan, and it is crowded with a lot of customers inside.

It might be illegal or not so popular in a foreign country.
But, in Japan it is legal and divided into the category of game or leisure.

The pachinko market is estimated at 29 trillion yen, and is one of the leisure which Japanese love very much.
Because the trader is improving new machines day after day, so people become addicted to playing it.

I have experienced playing it once. But I didn't feel happy because I have used 1000yen at once.

However, I heard that there are a lot of persons who cannot forget the experience of hitting the jackpot and become poisoned.

Anyway, Pachinko is must be one of the leisure industries that represents Japan.


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