May 30, 2011

Stay healthy in the Rainy Season


It's a rainy Monday morning.
It's been raining in Tokyo since last Saturday. Yep, we're in the rainy season here.

June is the rainy season in Japan, and this rainy season is one of the major features of the climate in Japan.
Japanese rainy season is characterized by a light rain but it goes on for a nearly a month long. We seldom have downpour rain like squall in the Southeast Asia, but persisting rain is actually annoying to many of us.

Bu the way, do you know what's the rainy season in Kanji (Chinese characters)?

It's written as 梅雨
梅 means Plum and 雨 means Rain.

Plum tree fruits in this time of the year, and plum is considered to have a ability of detoxification. To stay health in the rainy season, you have to be careful not to get food poisoning. Since it is very humid in this season, foods are easier to get gone off.

Pickled salty plum "Umeboshi" is naturally bactericidal and it helps foods lasting longer.

Besides the plum, vinegar was mixed in rice to keep it fresh. Japanese herbs like "Shiso" perilla and "Wasabi" Japanese horseradish are used
as the same purpose.

In the very old days when there was no electrical fridge and food poisoning was deadly, our ancestors knew how to stay healthy.

I bet all the ancients all over the world had wisdoms to keep themselves healthy. Do you know any of those in your country?


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