May 23, 2011

Famous spot in Tokyo

Hello, my name is Yuko, new staff of Shivuya business garden.

I'll introduce you to some famous spots in Tokyo.

One of the most famous spot in Shibuya is Hachi-koumae.

In 1924, Prof. Ueno at Tokyo Imperial University, Univ. of Tokyo at present, adopted one Akita-dog and named the dog “Hachi”.

Hachi often saw Prof. Ueno off to Shibuya station in the morning, and in the evening Hachi came to the station and waiting for him.

On May 21st of 1925, Prof. Ueno had passed away in university, but Hachi continued waiting for him around Shibuya station day after day.

The story touched the heart of Japanese people and appeared in newspaper as “ChukenHachi-kou”.

After a while, a bronze statue of Hachi was built in 1934 and Hachi was invited to the unveiling ceremony, but one year later Hachi passed away.

“See you at Hachi-koumae!”

These days, Hachi-kou statue is most common meeting point.

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