Jun 12, 2012


Hello, everyone. How are you?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.

Last weekend, I went back to my hometown to attend a wedding of one of my friends.
I had never realized till then that there was a Japanese apricot tree in the yard of my parents'.
It even bore bunch of apricots!!
Take a look.

Aren't they pretty?
You know what one should do in a case like that?
Make your hand made Umeshu( apricot liquor) with your home harvested fruits!!!

I'm planing to come back to my parents' in a month or so to pick the apricots which
should be well ripen by then. And soak them with a lot of cubed sugar and white liquor.
My hand made umeshu should be ready for drinking in half a year.
I'm so excited!! I will let you know how it would turn out:)

Hope you have a smooth week.


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