Jun 28, 2012

Japanese old fabric, Shiozawa Tsumugi

Hello, This is Meg from Yotsuya Business Garden.

I went to Shiozawa in Nigata prefecture last weekend.
The purpose of this trip is to learn one of Japanese old fabric, Shiozawa Tsumugi.
Shiozawa Tsumugi has started from 18th century during edo-period.

We visited Shiozawa Tsumugi Museum, and we took part in the tours and heard the explanation how to make this fabric. It wa really interesting experience for me.

I  was interested in buying Shiozawa Tsumugi Kimono, however they were a little bit expensive. So I just bought Tsumugi scarf.

Anyway, their technique is great!
Shiozawa Tsumugi doesn't have gorgeousness, but they have sophisticated beauty.

I Love Them!

Please check their web-site!


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