Jun 10, 2012

Hot product in Japan "Lipton Iced Teas"

Hello, I'm Haru at Shinjuku Business Garden.

Do you like to drink the iced tea?
Lipton tea but that is loved around the world, especially popular in Japan.
I will introduce the 500ml series of Lipton lines.

Series of 500ml Lipton, there are a variety of flavored iced tea.
Standard taste are Lemon tea and Milk tea.
Fruit tea variations are Peach tea and Valencia orange tea.
They sell the Happy seasons series depending on seasons.

Happy seasons series for this summer : Tropical Fruit Tea

Which flavor do you like the best of Lipton?
My favorite one is Milk tea !

You will be able to find them at the convenience store.
Please find your favorite taste.

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