Jun 7, 2012

One of formal style kimono  ‘furisode’

Hello, I am Meg from YotsuyaBusinessGarden.

Do you know Japanese traditional clothes ‘Kimono’?
I think many foreigners know kimono, but how many types of kimono do you know?

This is ‘furisode’, one of formal style kimono, and it is worn by 
unmarried women at a coming of age ceremony, wedding  ceremony, and formal party.

I have learned how to wear kimono by myself, and also make women to dress up in kimono.

By the beginning of Shouwa period, all women wore kimono by themselves.
However, now, it is sad fact that almost women cannot wear kimono.

I took part in a kimono show hosted by kimono school 'Hana Kyoto Kimono School' as a dresser at Keio plaza hotel.
This is not my work; one of teachers tied this obi (belt)
I thought it is the most beautiful shape in this show.

If you have a chance, please try to wear kimono!

※I got approval to publish these photos on this website.


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