Jun 26, 2012


Hello, everyone. How are you?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.

Do you usually carry a handkerchief in your bag?
My mom used to ask me every morning before I went to school  if I got a handkerchief and a pack of tissue in my pocket.
Back then, people considered handkerchiefs as must item to carry.

But with the spread of the air hand drier at bathrooms, people stopped carrying handkerchiefs.
After the great earthquake hit northern part of Japan, we forced to save electricity.
Many companies switched off the air hand driers in their bathrooms in order to meet governmental request
to save electricity.

It was when I started carrying a handkerchief in my bag again.

At first, I felt carrying a handkerchief was a little bit troublesome, but soon I found it's nice to
save energy with such a small effort. Now, many public bathrooms started offering the air hand
driers, but I found many people simply use their handkerchiefs!
People certainly are trying to lead Eco friendly life style!

I also found handkerchiefs are very nice in this sweaty season.
I can't go out without them anymore!!

Hope you have a smooth week.

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