Mar 4, 2011

Japanese Pub - Izakaya ③

Last week I talked about the seafood pub - Hana no Mai はなの舞. (See link below)
As I promised, this week I'm going to talk about the most popular low price and modern Izakaya in Japan at the moment - Kin no Kura 金の蔵.

Kin no Kura is one of the pubs of Sunko Marketing Foods Ltd. All dishes there including drinks are set at a fixed price of 270 Yen each, which is very cheap considering the amount and variety they provide. Most of them are located closely to major train stations open from 5pm to 5am.

Apart from the good value of food they provide, Kin no Kura has adopted the special way of food ordering - the touch screen system. All orders are made through a touch screen fixed on the wall at the end of a table, with prices, pictures of dishes and the list of what you've ordered and what you're still waiting for. This saves a lot of waiting time for customers to catch any waiters or waitresses during busy serving times. Besides, it is so much fun!

At Kin no Kura, you can enjoy beers, cocktails, spirits, soft drinks, salads, sashimi (raw fish pieces), sushi, fried meats, chicken skewers, tofu dishes, omelette, pizzas, rice dishes, noodle dishes, desserts, and so on. Once you try it, you are guaranteed to get addicted!

When you are in Tokyo, try to find the closest Kin no Kura Izakaya to try out, they are normally very easy to find. Also don't forget your business! Come and visit us at Business Garden Shinjuku, which has a Kin no Kura pub 2 minutes' walk away from it!


Tel: +81-3-6890-1111

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