Mar 11, 2011

-Business Manner in Japan③-  Business attire  

Hello, I am Meg in Yotsuya Business Garden.
Today’s subject is business attire.

Since ‘Casual Friday’ has started in Japan, business attire seems to be changing to less formal. However, if you meet the person at the first time, I recommend you wear dark suits with tie. The color of suits is navy, or gray will be fine.

In general, Japanese male employees will be prohibited from dyeing their hair really bright color, having long hair or growing beards. I think it is acceptable that you have long hair and growing beards, if they look clean.

For women, you have more options. I think it is acceptable that you wear the colored suits, not only dark suits, but you should avoid the vivid color.

If you don’t want to wear the suits, you can choice a jacket and skirt or pants set.
Most Japanese companies do not allow female employees to wear short skirts, sleeveless
shirts、 like tank tops, shoes with an open back, like mules and sandals. I think it is wise not to wear them.

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