Mar 24, 2011

I do believe we can get over it!

This is Megumi in Yotsuya Business Garden.

I got an e-mail from a Russian friend last week.
She was worried about Japanese devastated people in Tohoku-area, and she was also afraid of the crisis of Fukushima atomic power plants.

I met her at a language school in New York about 2 years ago.
She respected a movie director, Takeshi Kitano; actually she did not know he was a famous comedian, and she always carried on with her Cannon single-lens reflex camera.

I was very glad from her kind messages,
She said all people in the school are worried about Japan!
Many People all over the world give thoughtful attention to this biggest disaster in Japan!

In Yotsuya Business Garden, our customers’ clients in abroad were also worried about their customers and their families. They called us to know if they were fine or not.

Some customers could not go to their office because of the traffic disturbance,
However they are all fine!

Now, it is the hardest time for Japanese people after World War II , but I do believe we can get over it.

Megumi Ito

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